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Ashland Mini-Storage
Clean, Accessible, Affordable Storage

Ashland Mini-Storage is a reliable, family run self-storage facility. We're in Ashland, directly behind the McDonalds on Route 126 near Shaws.

Our prices start at only $40 per month for an individual unit and we have sizes ranging up to 10x30 (that's 300 sq feet!).

These sizes generally available:
  • 5x5' - For small items & boxes.
  • 5x10' - Larger, but still for smaller items.
  • 10x10' - The largest of the "small size".
  • 10x15' - Very popular size.
  • 10x20' - Very good for most people.
  • 10x30' - Very popular to store furniture.
Self-storage is good for many reasons:
  • Cellar or basement at home is full.
  • Long term storage of old files.
  • Holding onto collectible furniture.
  • Temporary storage while moving.
  • Home too small, need more space.
  • And more!

Ashland Mini-Storage
Street Address:
11 Nickerson Road
Ashland, MA 01721
(508) 881-7923
Please call

* Weekend hours available

We're easy to find, look for McDonalds on Route 126 near Shaws Market.

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