Title:I'm Not Taking Off My Boots
Album:Pick Me!

I’m not taking off my boots; I’m not staying
A cowboy sleeps beneath the stars; coyotes playing
I was meant to drive cattle far across the old and lonesome range

Boy that bed inside your ranch looks enticing
The fire place and heat that it provides is quite inviting
But I made a promise to Pa; That I would always sleep beneath the stars

Hey I think I hear a noise; is that howling?
Something just behind that bush; I think is growling
Maybe just for good luck I should think about sleeping there inside

[Talk] I promised my Pa that I would be come a cowboy and ride the trail like dear old dad. But I never realized until now how lonely the life of a cowboy really is.

I’m not taking off my boots, when I’m sleeping
When I’m sleeping outside things are creeping
Cowboys they don’t use a tent; although a tent is always meant to keep you dry

I’m not sure just what to do; now I’m sleepy
I think I see the moon is blue; just like the blue cheese
Now I’m falling asleep I hope nothing wants to bother me tonight

I kept on my cowboy boots; through the desert night
I knew that I would be o k; that I’d be all right
The sun is up; the bell rings; it’s breakfast time in cowboy land again

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