Title:The Monkee and the Hammer
Album:Lobster Optimus


John came to the studio with this song idea. It took some time to get the guitar parts right. I wrote the music for the chorus. This was the first time that I doubled the guitar track using this method. I recorded it once, then changed the sound slightly and recorded it again. Cool sound. The verse parts during the vocals don't sound as smooth as I had imagined but it is unique and this is experimental music.

if you are wondering what this song is really about, ask John.

This was one of the last songs recorded for our first album.


Lyrics by John Lister

You hit the monkee with the hammer, That’s what they said that you should do
But you said you couldn’t do it, They’re lining up to hammer you

It seems we must increase your dosage, before you neighbors seem to find
You’re mailing letters without postage, and slowly loosing all your mind


Monkee don’t want to die
Monkee don’t want no pain
Don’t hit the monkee with the hammer
There’s nothing really you can gain

You were feeling kinda dizzy, a new prescription kicking in
You forgot about the monkee,when someone kicked you in the shin

I saw you picking up the hammer, you looked at me I saw you wink
You hit the monkee with the hammer,and you did not even blink

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