Title:Youth in Asia
Album:Youth in Asia

I told John we needed a title song for the new album. He didn't know I was planning on writing a title song. A few hours later I got an e-mail with the lyrics. We layed down some tracks the following Saturday and after some overdubs, viola'!

Youth in Asia

After 40 years of working, they finally sent the note to retire
Napping in your lazy-boy hoping the TV will inspire

Late night cable has the strangest of ads
Some that appeal to retired granddads
They’re showing laughing children on a tropical beach
For 20,000 dollars it’s not far out of reach

Youth in Asia, Youth in Asia
So seductive and from Malaysia
Euthanasia is the answer
Feel like the pole of an erotic dancer

On the airplane at the airport, often illegals they will deport
In your minds eye your flying so high that you will never feel the pain

You show your passport, you get a couple of stamps
Next thing you’re kidnapped and in enemy camps
The child you gazed at on the poster
Is standing above you and carries a holster

Youth in Asia, Youth in Asia
So productive at how they attain ya
Euthanasia might be the answer
It’s better than dying of some kind of cancer

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