Title:Someone I Can Stand On

Lyrics by John Lister

We all need someone to believe and someone we can stand on
The choice is always up to you, and that you can depend on
My eyes have always been open, although they may be closed part of the time
I love the works of Chopin, and I use Charlie Chaplin as my guide

We all need someone to lift us up, when we get disenchanted
When bad things that happen in our lives, good things we take for granted
In prayer and silent meditation, sometimes I'm standing at his feet
Then when my eyes are reopened, I have a suble feeling I'm not beat

[Bridge or Lead]

We need someone we can whip to make us feel empowered
Someone to point our finger at when we are sick and tired
And I know we're all to blame, for all the silly games of which we play
Instead of looking from within, and stepping right on up onto that plate

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