Title:Dr. Optimus
Album:Pick Me!

Dr. Optimus

I’m Dr. Optimus. I’m a six foot three octopus
I play guitar and the bass; I wear a monocle on my face
I like to give big hugs with my tentacles and suction cups
Did I say I’m an optometrist, all the things I do should be on a list
[I know I’m impressed, who would have guessed]

I have an octopus kid, who looks just like I did
When I was a little boy and I still played with toys
My wife is an octopus too; she can change from green to red to blue
As an octopus I swore not to tell how we camouflage or fit in a shell
{In a shell half his size, how does he fit inside?]

I’m Dr. Optimus; I would rather hug than kiss
My eight arms would like to wrap around; any new friend that I’ve found
When I get scared I shoot ink; it’s not as easy as you think
I can shoot ink or I can run, and I will teach this to my son
[His son I think knows exactly where to go]

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