Title:State of Misery
Album:Lobster Optimus


I just had this idea for a simple guitar progression and I started recording it. John wrote lyrics while I was recording parts for it. We decided to keep this one simple. Acoustic guitar, a bit of keyboards and vocals. The flute lead section I came up with after John had left. I spend some time teaking it (Ah, the beauty of MIDI) and it came out perfect. If you were wondering, the lead is a flute on one side and a pan flute (Zamfir!) on the other. When I listen to it I can imagine the person playing the flute. This song came together real quick. Sometimes the best stuff goes quickly.

The subject matter is completely fictitous.


Lyrics by John Lister

She came to me in a state of misery and what could I say, what could I say
Her man was messin’ around with every bad girl in town, what could I say
Her tears ran upon her face like flowers dripping in a vase,
I gave her all my sympathy, she splashed her love all over me

Bill was my friend and I will say it once again, but what will he say
I stepped in some wrong and now I sing him this song, but what will he say
When he finds that I two- timed and played with his jealous mind
He’ll shoot me full of holes and lose all his controls all over me

Well now come to find I’m not the only one two- timed, but what can I say
She has another man and she will find one once again, but what can I say,
Bill and I we’re friends again and that is the best medicine
Forget what the women did by keeping her heart so firmly hid

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