Title:Mr. Pickles
Album:Youth in Asia

Mr. Pickles has a unique story. I have a bass that was out of commission for quite some time. It is strung with a unique set of strings called "TruBass". They have a steel core and they are wrapped with nylon. They have a unique round, rich tone without much high end, but they don't sound muddy at all. I got the instrument back and I was playing with it. I hadn't played it in so long and I was having some fun with it. I just came up with this bluesy bass line and I immediately found a suitable drum track and recorded it.

I let John listen to it and a short time later, he penned the lyrics and had a melody for it. We wanted to come up with an instrumental break for it. We came up with a three part break. We recorded that and I wasn't completely happy with it.

Sam Bowen was here for a visit and I played the song for him. He kept dropping hints that he could do a guitar track for it. So we set it up and we got it recorded.

Mr. Pickles

Hey Mr. Pickles I can see you spilled that drink held your hand
One fisted water skiing at the bar and it’s too early for the band
You can’t find your date because she’s stolen your keys
When you were seeing double and dancing on you knees
Hey Mr. Pickles I can see you dropped that drink in your hand


Hey man, no I can drive [Mr. P]
I’m not sure he’d make it home alive [multi vox]
Good-bye pedestrians I hope you can fly [multi vox]
Is it fair the multitudes should die? [multi vox]
Bye, Bye!

Hey Mr. Pickles here is some money for a cab to drive you home
He’s not really listening right now I think his head is made of bone
He waves off the cab and heads for the bar
Enough for three shots and a nasty cigar
Hey Mr. Pickles do you think a dying man should drink alone?

Hey man, can you give me a ride [Mr. P]
You know he’s stupid and he has no pride
It’s like a brewery when he pours inside
You saved the multitudes don’t ask me why?
Oh, Why!

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