Title:Sammiches & Chips
Album:Lobster Optimus


This was one that just started with an idea and John and I just ran with it. I came up with the idea for the storyline and John ran with it while I started recording tracks. We kept adding parts and it just came out great. When it came time to record the vocals, I was listening while recording without actually knowing what John had written. I couldn't watch him becasue if I did, I would have laughed and we would have had to start over. This is definitely our hit sings from the first album.


Lyrics by John Lister

She went down to the local grocery store
She went to buy salad but left with something more
She seems to be looking tight in her slip
Cuz shes eating all those sammiches and chips

Chips they have large amounts of fat
And shes really trying to keep her tummy flat
She just cannot seem to fight that urge
To violently binge and purge

Hey Ho, like a whale ya blow
It tasted really swell but now it's chunky on the floor
Hey Ho, ya better slow down
Down on eatin' sammiches and chips

Deep fried chicken and eskimo pie
You eat that chocolate cake it's gonna fatten your thighs
You eat too much and then it's too late
Your supper's never done until you regurgitate

She may just have bulimia
And it seems to be extremia
Would you like that Shake a bit creamia
Forget about your hypoglycemia

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