Title:Brother Black Lung
Album:Lobster Optimus


This is one of my favorites from the first album. This one went together very easily. John came in with the idea the music for the verses and I came up with the chorus. The drum sound came out huge and fit so well with what we were doing.

There was one part, the two bar drum break, that was so off it was perfect. I tried to iprove upon it and wrecked it completely. Of course, I had no back up.


Lyrics by John Lister

Standing in the cold rain, shivering your best friend
The clothes you wear were worn upon peers of Napoleon
Nicotine and frostbite render you cold and bitter
Staring at pictures of the local babysitter

The atmosphere is desperate, it’s worse than he thought
Disillusioned by his masters, and their incandescent plot
Can he still do all those bad sins, he did in the past
Will his masters let him live, as if his die was cast

When will his journey end
Envy his only friend
His song remains unsung
He is Brother Black Lung

Here walks little Susie, her pigtails in tow
She is a graceful vision, backdropped by the snow
He wants to hold her closely, like it was meant to be
But she will pull away from him, trying only to get free

When will his travels end
Lust his only friend
His song remains unsung
His is Brother Black Lung

She’s running to tell mommy, of this nasty, nasty man
Who is frozen and disheveled, hiding in a van
Black lung is behind her, she’s waiting to be saved
From an elderly kind of pervert,  who’s life is so depraved

When will this sickness end
Wrath his only friend
Much like aqualung
He is Brother Black Lung

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