Yankee traditional design, "Made in USA" with exceptional quality. This full size gem measuring 11"H x 8-1/4"W x 21-1/2"L and weighing 13 lbs is full of refinements including aluminum coated steel to prevent rust, premium gloss powder-coat finish, heavy gauge stainless steel "piano" door hinge, heavy duty aluminum flag and a handy pull out mail tray. Just noting the comfortable feel of the ergonomic door handle, the gentle release of the roller door latch, and the smooth travel of the flag is to appreciate superior craftsmanship.

For maximum strength, the mailbox mounts ingeniously to both the granite post and the cedar brace with our exclusive stabilizer system. Four lags bolt through the steel mailbox mounting plate into the mailbox support brace. Unlike any other brand on the market, our mailbox also fastens to the vertical granite post through the steel back plate and deep into the post with a heavy 3/8" stainless steel wedge anchor with 7 stacked stainless steel 2 inch fender washers. This fastening method creates tremendous core strength. Exactly what a mailbox post requires to stand firm to snow plows heaving snow and other occasional disruptions. The stabilizer system has a 4" block between the mailbox and post to eliminate abrasion between the post and mailbox. The stabilizer block also features a nifty flag holding slot to hold Old Glory. All Yankee Mailbox customers receive a complimentary American Flag. Unlike other mailbox brands that give you a bag of parts and instructions, Yankee Mailbox assembles your mailbox tuning your door latch and flag assembly for an exceptional feel. For the finishing touch, the Yankee Mailbox is polished to a showroom shine with Turtle Wax.

"This Winter many mailboxes in our neighborhood were destroyed by snow plows. No Yankee Mailboxes suffered this fate. My choice for a new mailbox and post was Yankee Mailbox without question."
Michele MacDonald, Lancaster, MA

"Wow! The American Flag on the mailbox post is a nice touch. Companies that provide excellent products and services are hard to find these days. I appreciate your commitment to excellence."
Lynn Feuling, Wrentham, MA

Yankee Mailbox's computer driven machine cuts your address decal with exacting precision and when installing your mailbox address lettering, to maintain consistent good quality, Yankee Mailbox uses a jig and template system to ensure your mailbox lettering is installed neat, level, and centered.

It's imperative to have your address clearly marked on your mailbox to insure accurate delivery and to comply with U.S. Postal regulations. Mailbox address lettering also provides reassurance when friends visit your home or in case of emergency. House number and street name are applied professionally to both sides of your mailbox using 3m vinyl, the best quality and most durable vinyl available. Our Serif and Block Yankee Mailbox letter fonts were chosen for exceptionally good readability and tasteful style. Address numbers are 2.85" and letters are 1.75" For Line 1, numbers on the flag side of the mailbox are centered between the flag and the edge of the mailbox. For the side without flag, numbers are centered. Line 1 handles up to 5 numbers, 2.85" high. Line 2, along base of mailbox, is reserved for street name containing up to 19 characters. Choose type case for Line 2 only, including UPPER CASE and Title Case.

2 Layouts (1 line-numbers only)
(2 lines-numbers & street)
2 Title Cases (UPPER CASE & Title Case)
2 Fonts (Block & Serif)
Block 1234567890 AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNn

Serif 12345678910

Mailbox with address number ......................$205
Mailbox with address number & street
(2 lines) ..............$230
Mailbox with reflective white address number..................$215
Mailbox with reflective white address number and street
(2 lines)..............$260

Mailbox Color (black, blue, burgundy, green, red, taupe, white)
Lettering Color (black, white, off-white, reflective-white)

Comfortable cast aluminum handle works equally well for both left and right handers.

"Wow! The American Flag on the mailbox post is a nice touch. Companies that provide excellent products and services are hard to find these days. I appreciate your commitment to excellence."
Lynn Feuling, Wrentham, MA

Phone Message..."I am thrilled with the new mailbox post. Couldn't be happier. The whole process was great. The post is very sturdy, the mailbox looks great with my address lettering so neat and professionally done. Thank you so much."
Kathy Dardeno, North Reading, MA

Heavy 16 gauge steel flag with rounded edges for exceptional feel, vinyl bushings and washers for smooth operation and stainless steel hardware with lock nuts for total reliability.

Phone Message..."My wife has commented over a dozen times how nice our Yankee Mailbox is. Awesome work guys"
Dave Freeley, Hanover

We just wanted to let you know that our Granite post and mailbox was installed on Thursday and we absolutely love it. It adds and element of elegance to front of our home. The post and mailbox look even better in person than on the website. We went from the worst to the best mailbox on our street in one hour. Thanks for a beautiful and elegant product."
Robert and Nancy Abbadessa, Whitman, MA

Nifty Mail Tray slides out for mail access. Easy dishwasher cleaning.

"I just wanted to thank you and the two gentleman who did an excellent and beautiful job. I am more than pleased with your work and how nice my Yankee Mailbox looks."
Maureen Henry, Cranston, RI

Stainless Steel smooth travelling piano door hinge with adjustable roller latch and recessed weather seal keeps out dirt and water and makes a nice "thud" sound when closing door.


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