Circa 1986, John and Scott Murphy founded Yankee Mailbox. The Murphy Brothers saw a huge gap between the high standard of American homes and the shoddy workmanship and inferior design of mailbox posts available in the marketplace. Since mailboxes, signs and lanterns are typically at the entrance to the home, naturally they are “The First Impression of Your Home” and should be of the highest quality. They recognized the passion people have for their home and set out to match that passion providing the finest “American Made” mailbox, sign and lantern posts available. For design and construction, The Murphy’s spared no expense, selecting the right materials, proven method, a thorough and premium manufacturing process and top notch installation service. With the guidance of their father, Loyal Murphy, an engineer with a passion for woodworking and structural design, who rendered over 100 product designs, and the loving support of their mother Alice, who anchors the mailbox and sign lettering department, the Murphy Family created and perfected a top of the line mailbox, sign and lantern product line with installation service.

The Murphy brothers started the old fashion way, working out of their parents garage with a little Ford Ranger truck, selling mailbox posts door to door with a catalog. Eventually, their efforts were noticed by benefactor Tony Krucznski, a Polish immigrant and personification of the American Dream. A man who came to America with nothing but desire to succeed and through hard work, creativity and determination, became the owner of Tony’s Fence and Bay State Fence Supply, employing many workers and raising a family. Tony provided a section of his gravel lot, rent free, for the Murphy’s to establish the Yankee Mailbox brand. A second benefactor, Peter Longobardi, owner of Medway Lumber, kindly donated materials to the Murphy brothers to build a post and beam facility with a canvas skin we called "The Ark". The Yankee Mailbox brand grew through “word of mouth” and tagging every product with our decorative 23 carrot gold anodized aluminum plaque. As well as serving homeowners, Yankee Mailbox worked with volume customers like neighborhood associations, architects, and real estate professionals completing beautiful neighborhood projects with finest custom home builders and the largest home builders in the U.S.A. Today, Yankee Mailbox is in a much larger facility perfectly located at the intersection of Route 495 and Route 1 at 777 Madison Street in Wrentham MA.

Over 25 years, Yankee Mailbox Sign & Lantern has provided honest and reliable All American service to thousands of customers. For our customers, installation of a top quality Yankee mailbox at the entrance to their home is a celebration. Yankee Mailbox Sign & Lantern continues to be inspired by our customers enthusiasm. We are proud of the hundreds of unsolicited testimonials received from satisfied customers. We travel the countryside in customized Red, White, and Blue installation trucks. Our professional installers are courteous, work methodically and wear neat uniforms with pith helmets installing one masterpiece mailbox post after another, all proudly displaying the American Flag. The Yankee Mailbox trucks most notable feature is the reflective Gull Wing marquee at the nose of the vehicle with our Logo containing 13 stars in honor of the original 13 colonies of the United States. At Yankee Mailbox, we cherish our Republic’s Heritage, the Constitution of the United States, our Free Market economy and our God given individual liberty to live free and profit from selling our products and serving others.

Replacing thousands of worn out posts and providing repair service to repeat customers gave us the ability to identity the strengths and weaknesses of all post designs and continuously improve our product and installation method. Over the years we have employed many product innovations exclusive to Yankee Mailbox including; the stabilizer system fastening the mailbox to both the brace and post resulting the strongest post design available, the brace screw rebar pattern strengthening glued mortice joints with 4" screws and post mounting areas with 1 3/8" screws for maximum lateral strength, the mailbox door bumper rest for an exceptional feel and the mailbox door weather seal to keep out dirt and rain. These features exclusive to Yankee Mailbox clearly establish our brand as the most thoughtful time tested and highest quality products of their kind promising decades of faithful service.

For installation, we developed a template system to ensure the post is installed far enough off the street so the snow plow does not strike the mailbox post and close enough so the postal carrier can deliver the mail happily. We learned how to ensure the post will remain solid and plumb by mixing a 50 pound bag of gravel with the ground fill and tamping around the post in layers. We learned how best to advise our customers for post placement optimizing ergonomics and protecting the post from damage. We also maintain a clean work site laying down a digging board to keep the ground fill from mixing with the sod.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our products and service. Customers dissatisfied with product quality, installation or both, receive full product replacement and free return service. Order by submitting a completed order form and we reply by email within 36 hours with confirmation of your selections. Installation customers receive an invoice and PayPal link that accepts credit cards by email after installation and may use the PayPal link or U.S. Mail check payment. Shipping customers receive email confirmation and PayPal link within 36 hours and may follow the PayPal link to make their purchase or U.S. Mail a check.

Yankee Mailbox provides service within a 70 mile road route from our facility at 777 Madison Street Wrentham, MA. We carefully pack and ship our products with simple do it yourself instructions UPS Ground. We appreciate your business and strive to exceed your expectations.
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