Manufacturing Videos
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Granite Specifications
Granite is purchased by the truckload from Swenson Granite Works in Barre Vermont, USA. Established in 1886, Swenson is the largest and oldest granite quarrying operation in our country. Swenson has provided granite for prestigious projects including the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Library of Congress, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Pentagon. Swenson quarries stone to our specifications, sawing the post tops for a level cap mount, flame treating the flat sides eliminating sawn marks and giving us the natural stone face surface on the flanks to create the Yankee look. Yankee braces are fastened to granite with rust free stainless steel wedge anchors.

Designed for Strength and Beauty
Yankee component designs have been perfected over 25 years to achieve the most beautiful profiles with uncompromised strength. Materials and fasteners have been carefully selected to make the finest looking and most durable products of their kind. See our exclusive mortice rebar design to make the strongest mailbox and sign braces.

Yankee finishes all cedar product with a 5 step process including 2 coats of oil primer, sanding and filling and 2 coats of premium latex stain in white and off-white. Using an enrober to ensure total coverage and a back brushing technique, Yankee achieves a classic and beautiful fine brush surface texture. You see the "Yankee Waltz", a pattern all painters use to reach a consistent quality finish.

Patriot Mailbox Assembly and Lettering
Yankee Mailbox inspects, assembles and letters your mailbox for you. Stainless steel Hardware is mounted with torque driver for smooth flag travel adjustment and proper door latch feel. Address decals are installed neatly with roller and template system.

Lantern Post Design
Yankee lantern posts come with a 20 year warrantee because they are designed to last. Junction boxes are mounted solid to the post and provide added utility with an outlet. Yankee fixtures are easy to change bulbs and clean. Fixtures have lifetime warrantee never to fail electrically. Lantern caps with rust free aluminum fixture couplers mount solid with screws to the post and provide a reliable mount for the fixture.

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