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For over 25 years, Yankee Mailbox has replaced thousands of mailbox posts giving the opportunity to see strengths and weaknesses of other brands and use this observation to perfect our own designs. Most brands make the mistake of choosing cheap material and a weak design that can not withstand the rigors of mailbox duty.

Compare Cheap Granite to Yankee
Compare other granite post brands to Yankee and see the glaring difference in quality. Other brands have an untested weak design that can not withstand the rigors of mailbox duty and are made with cheap materials that turn to junk in no time. With Yankee you get a proven durable design made in USA with the right materials installed professionally to Post Office standards.

Compare Plastic to Yankee
Plastic posts are light, ugly, wobbly, poorly constructed, use skinny 3 1/2" wood core for ground installation, always list, promise maintenance free and become filthy with mildew and quickly dry up and become brittle,sometimes turn yellow from UV sun rays, look cheap and ugly and quickly disintegrate. Hollow blow molded plastic, extruded PVC and vinyl posts never last long.

Compare Cellular PVC to Yankee
So called maintenance free cellular PVC is structurally weak and easy to break and shatter, expensive, must be painted anyway because open cell crosscuts, if left unfinished, collect green mold and filth, require a skinny 3 1/2" wood core or skinny angle iron for ground installation and end up listing and wobbly in no time.

Compare Aluminum to Yankee
Aluminum is hollow and thin walled for being extruded. It requires a skinny angle iron footing that wobbles in ground. Paint has trouble sticking to aluminum and usually flakes off in short time. Aluminum is expensive so posts are skinny to save cost and end up out of proportion with the mailbox. Aluminum mailboxes are light weight, shatter easily and usually have a matte finish that address letters do not stick well to. Cast aluminum is better suited for making ergonomic door handles and decorative sand cast doors like our top quality Patriot and Heritage mailboxes.

Compare Common Mailbox to Patriot Mailbox
Yankee Mailbox Sign & Lantern shows the sharp contrast in quality between the common mailbox you get at hardware stores and the superb quality of the Patriot mailbox. Premium powder coat finish, ergonomic cast aluminum door handle, stainless steel hardware, weather sealed door, heavy gauge flag, internal mail tray, adjustable door latch and most important, the exclusive stabilizer system with American Flag slot...everything the common hardware store mailbox lacks.

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