Stabilizer System with American Flag

The secret behind Yankee Mailbox superior lateral strength and patriotic spirit. Born out of necessity from over 25 years of serving mailbox post customers with a drive to deliver the most durable and reliable American Made mailbox post design. The Stabilizer System fastens our steel mailbox to both the mailbox brace and vertical post to maximize core strength. The 4 inch diameter fiberwood stabilizer block is the buffer between the mailbox and post to eliminate abrasion. 4 stacked stainless steel fender washers and a heavy duty bolt spread out the load on the inside of the mailbox back plate to secure the mailbox to the vertical post. The stabilizer system creates more than enough lateral post strength to withstand the weight of snow thrown by snow plows and support the mailbox brace. Without a stabilizer system, a traditional mailbox post does not stand a chance. After decades of using this design method we remain stunned that other mailbox post manufacturers have not thought of this simple design method. Our system can be applied to any traditional mailbox and post by simply drilling a 1/2" hole in the back plate of your mailbox. Hardware includes 4 inch stabilizer block with flag slot , 4 - 2 inch stainless steel fender washers, and 3/8 x 3 3/4" stainless steel wedge anchor for granite posts or 3/8" galvanized lag for cedar posts.

"This Winter many mailboxes in our neighborhood were destroyed by snow plows. No Yankee Mailboxes suffered this fate. My choice for a new mailbox and post was Yankee Mailbox without question."
Michele MacDonald, Lancaster, MA

Your frontage is one of the best places to fly Old Glory and show your appreciation for our Constitutional Republic. Built into the stabilizer block is a slot to snugly hold our 12" x 18" Flag with 5/16" x 24" wood dowel. Better quality than you can find in stores. Polly cotton fabric with sewn edges and Polly sleeves with clip to prevent flag from sliding off dowel. American Flag slides in and out of stabilizer block slot between post and mailbox.

"Wow! The American Flag on the mailbox post is a nice touch. Companies that provide excellent products and services are hard to find these days. I appreciate your commitment to excellence."
Lynn Feuling, Wrentham, MA

"The installers were great....So polite. It looks absolutely beautiful. I'm thrilled. And that American flag....I just love it."
Ann, Weston MA

Stabilizer System Hardware with American Flag
for granite post ......................................$30

Stabilizer System Hardware with American Flag
for cedar post .........................................$30

"I would like to thank you for making such a great product. It is nice to know there is still top quality products made in the U.S.A. Not only is your product at Yankee Mailbox the best I have ever seen, your service is clearly top notch."
Alan Fornier, Dudley, MA

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