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Video Title:Winter Service
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Short Description:For mailbox post installation orders during the frozen ground months of January, February, and part of March, Yankee Mailbox will attempt to install, but if the ground frost is too thick, we will drop off a free standing temporary mailbox with an above ground cement footing for an additional $20 added to your total. Use the temporary post until your Yankee Mailbox is installed in Spring. This way your mail delivery will not be disrupted.

For existing Yankee Mailbox customers in need of repairs without digging during the winter months, we can restore your post to like new condition installing only the modular parts you need. For customers with a granite post with shoddy substandard parts Yankee Mailbox can Retrofit your post with top quality mailbox, brace and cap with our exclusive stabilizer system. Click "Service" or "Video" on menu to see Retrofit Service and "before and after" photos and video of our work. Our $75 repair and retrofit service also includes cleaning and waxing your mailbox inside and out, touch up painting, weather permitting, and upgrading your existing Yankee Mailbox with our new Stabilizer Block with nifty American Flag slot. Our new stabilizer system will make your Yankee Mailbox even stronger than before. Strong enough to hold steadfast to the weight of the snow from the snowplows. All mailbox repair service customers also receive a complimentary American Flag, nicer quality than what you can find in stores, placed in your new Stabilizer Block flag slot.
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