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Video Title:Retrofit Granite Mailbox Post
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Short Description:Customers with a granite post plagued with a substandard brace, cheap cap and shoddy mailbox can order our $75 Retrofit service transforming your post into a beautiful and strong Yankee Mailbox. Installers strip your granite post of the junk, and using our hammer drill and template system, install 3 stainless steel wedge anchors and mount your new Yankee Mailbox with personalized address lettering and handmade mailbox brace and post cap. Our exclusive stabilizer system and morticed brace with all joints reenforced with waterproof glue exclusive screw rebar pattern will make your mailbox post as strong as it can be. Strong enough to hold steadfast to the weight of the snow from the snowplows. For a finishing touch, Post Caps are available for 6" and 7" granite posts. All Retrofit customers receive a complimentary American Flag, nicer quality than what you can find in stores, placed snugly in our stabilizer block flag slot. Let Yankee Mailbox retrofit your granite post and create a highly functional and durable work of art.
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